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Custom Guitars

...Each player has his/her own unique style and this merits a unique instrument...

Do you have an ideas about your guitar or would you like to edit one of the existing models? We have the capability to customize every aspect of your instrument - tonewoods, top-construction, inlays, electronics...

Guidance in designing the instrument
We provide you with a complete guidance in designing the instrument ideally suitable for you and your play stye. You can discuss your ideas with Marek and Monika Herda personally in guitar workshop (located in Slovakia, EU) or via email (

No extra fee
We love doing unique, one of a kind guitars. It is why we dont charge extra fee for custom guitar. 

Delivery date
Custom models are delivered in two to five months, depending on complexity.

Email us to discus your custom guitar.


Making Custom SJ-C Diary
Production of beautiful custom guitar from Madagascar Rosewood and Swiss Moon Spruce is underway. Watch the production process.

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Custom SJ-C - African Blackwood
Master african blackwood and german spruce
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Body Shapes

Herda acoustic guitars come in three basic shapes now - Dreadnought, Small Jumbo and Orchestra Model.  Jumbo, OOO or other can be added upon your request.
The Small Jumbo and Orchestra Model are available in non-cutaway or cutaway formats.

You can consider different body depth also. Deeper body configuration maximizes internal volume, has strong bass and powerful overall tone.
Shallower body is a tighter, more focused, faster, more responsive and more comfortable and ergonomic.

DR - Dreadnought
The Dreadnought is the most popular guitar shape. It provides a strong bass response because of its large and deep body. Dreadnoughts are great for folk, bluegrass, country and many other genres.
SJ / SJ-C - Small Jumbo / Small Jumbo Cutaway
The Small Jumbo is versatile instrument with a balanced sound. It is good for various types of players, traditional, folk genres, as well as more modern musical styles.
OM/OM C Orchestra model/ Orchestra model Cutaway
OM is our smallest model. Due to its small body is very comfortable, especially while seating. OM offers note-to-note clarity, and fast response. It is excellent for fingerstyle and solos.


Herda guitars have traditionally neck with glued on heel in Mahogany Sapele. Your custom option can be for example: one-piece neck, laminated neck, pyramid volute. You can select nut width or string spacing at the bridge. our standard is 44 mm bone nut. Standard fretwire has a medium profile and a extra-hard rating. You can consider scale length or neckprofile also.

Headstock Shape

Herda Headstock

Slotted Headstock

Dreadnought Headstock


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gitara bluegrass
gitara bluegrass
gitara bluegrass
gitara bluegrass
gitara bluegrass
gitara bluegrass
gitara bluegrass

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