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Roberto De Luca


"The world has many guitars: many of them sound good, some of them sound really good, but only a few of them can transform music into pictures. And when I play my Herda's guitars, I fly off into heaven..."

Read OM Custom and SJ-C Armrest rewievs from Roberto in Chitarra Acustica, July 2012




Kurt Johnson

"Picked up the guitar last night and just opened for the first impressions today.  Arrived safe and sound. 
Absolutely breath taking and wonderful deep voice.  I love the wider neck and string spacing, makes playing
infinitely easier for me. This is everything I could have hoped for!
Thank you for the work, this has been a very easy process even from the other side of the world."

Custom SJ-C Kurt - making diary

Filip Argay-The Toones

"Even in high school, Marek made a guitar for me which I still like to use these days... now, after Marek and Monika have returned from England and their experience in the production of guitars has risen to a highly professional level, I grabbed my chance and immediately let them build my dream instrument to my personal requirements. From the beginning I knew that my guitar needed to be made from the finest materials and hardware. Materials, unique hand-made quality, the precision and perfection of the builders and ultimately the sound, are crucial indicators for me. I have dealt with vintage instruments, accessories, apparatus and effects for several years. My guitar is made in accordance with the  requirements and specifications for the vintage sound. I want say that my guitar is above the level of mass-produced guitars of prestigious brands. It is unique for me and thanks to the high-standard of quality and perfect craftmanship that the company offers, this instrument has fulfilled my dream of a cutting-edge guitar. "  

Vita Tronicek, Marien

"I had a very good time, playing on Herda guitars. I was surprised especially by the high level of craftsmanship and fine detail, not usually seen on the new guitar brands . The Herda sound is definitely equal to proven brands. They maintain the quality of the sound even though their models range is very wide. Progressive bluegrass players, acoustic rock, finger-style and many other players would be pleased as well as music lovers. For example, a special model Herda OMG will be appreciated by the old-time sound lovers. It is also a very original guitar for jazz-swing compositions. Hats off, Herda guitars are a fantastic examples of human creativity and amazing skill! It was a pleasure. Best wishes."  

Fero Petriska, Rolnicky

"I was lucky that I could try this Small Jumbo cutaway on Herda guitars presentation stand in Liptovsky Hradok. At first glance, it appeared to be a common jumbo, but at the second it was a guitar with precise hand-crafted details, beautiful woods, a balanced tone, a very nice and rich sound, and absolutely in tune. Playing on this Jumbo was a joy, especially due to its beautiful appearance (cedar + rosewood) and its easy and comfortable playability. I do not hesitate to say this guitar is as good as world's best guitar brands."   


Dusan Hronec (Meantime, Candy Floss, Viagrass)

"Trying out a new Dreadnought model from Herda Instruments was for me a pleasant surprise. Precise workmanship, beautiful woods and an especially balanced and powerful sound played with complete ease, can convince very quickly even without words. "


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